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The real Harrington® jacket

A brand that crosses the generations. The small black jacket with a tartan lining appeared for the first time in the 60's in the famous US series 'Peyton Place'.

The main actor Ryan O'Neal, who plays Rodney Harrington, wore this jacket in most episodes. At the time, it became the identifying mark of young members of the high society.
Later, the british Rock'n'roll movement rediscovered the Harrington jacket, and it became an iconic symbol of the Mods! These active urban youths were characterized by a festive lifestyle: they rode scooters, and were very style orientated and enjoyed music and dance.
The tartan signature lined garment has attracted many personalities through the generations: Steve McQueen, and Elvis Presley wore the Harrington Jacket, and later Noel and Liam Gallagher from Oasis and the actor Daniel Craig.
It's impossible not to recognize the Harrington jacket today at first sight with its tartan lining: this jacket is now a retro inspired wardrobe must-have.
Today, Harrington® is a registered trademark with its own eshop (www.harrington.fr/en/). The brand offers to shops and shops men's, women's and kids collections, with an absolutely English style but especially totally offbeat.